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My books


Reunited after a ten-year separation, Leah and Miguel finally have a chance at their longed-for happily ever after. A seduction ghost threatens them after they move into an old house in the Central Florida countryside. As Miguel becomes obsessed with this malevolent spirit, Leah must face all their deepest secrets to save the soul of the man she loves.


Trinity is on the the run from the authorities for the self-defense murder of her abusive husband.

A psychic vigilante, Josiah has vowed to rid his commnunity of impurity. When his sixth sense points out Trinity, he assumes she is his prey.

When their paths cross, he realizes to kill her would be the biggest mistake of his life. He makes an offer: either go to jail for murder or join him in his quest. She chooses her only option and takes her place by his side.

As their feelings for one another grow, a copycat killer strikes. Trinity and Josiah must join all their abilites to track him down and redeem themselves.

"Muse" is a completed 116,000 word paranormal women's fiction novel currently under consideration by Vivien Beck of the Ferguson Literary Agency.

My untitled work is still in progress. I hope to have it done in the next month or two. Keep checking back in for an excerpt!