Swamp Baby
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Working Title~~ Swamp Baby

Gripped by depression and grief, Suwannee Logan lives an isolated life. Her only company is an old man who tell her the story of the Swamp Baby, a child lost over a 100 years ago. He speaks of the curse placed on the child's mother. Any man who enters the depths of the swamps dies a horrible death at the hands of the ghost.

Suwannee's estranged lover, Seminole Indian descendent Michael Kotza, struggles to reach the woman he loves before she acts on the swamp's curse and vanishes into the dangerous forest.

As he tries to save Suwannee, he seeks to solve the mystery of Hertley's Swamp and the many deaths of those who have wandered into it. His search leads him to a deadly secret hidden deep in the South Florida swamplands.

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